Terms & Conditions

🐝 HoneyMS Terms of Service 🐝

🐝 Specified Boards
Use each board for its distinguished purpose. (I.e No Guild Recruitment in suggestions.)

🐝 Staff/Player impersonation
Players must not attempt to impersonate any of the HoneyMS staff and/or HoneyMS players in any way, for any reason.

🐝 Advertising
Do not advertise any (private) server, game or product in any of the chat-or voice channels.
You are allowed to talk about other games, with the exception of (not dead) private servers (of any game).
You are allowed to share your streaming/YouTube link providing you are not streaming private servers (of any game).

🐝 Denouncing Of The Server
Denouncing the server in any way, shape or form is not tolerated. Constructive criticism is welcomed in the suggestions channel, however, blatant harassment or hostile comments are not accepted.

🐝 Respect/Inappropriate Language
Respect players & staff. Language that is considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate should not be used in chat or as a username. Spreading any personal information of players without permission of said player is not allowed.

🐝 Spamming Chats
Do not spam the board(s). This includes emoji spam, post spam, and image spam.

🐝 Main Language
The language of this forum is English. Other languages can be spoken in Private Messages or Discord in the appropriate dedicated language channels.

🐝 PG-13
Images you post must be PG-13. No gore, nudity, or otherwise suggestive/inappropriate content. This includes emojis, the avatar & name you use on the forum. The off-topic board is not an exclusion to this rule. Whether an image or name is seen as inappropriate is decided as per the judgement of the staff.

🐝Harassment Policy:

A ) Conduct (written, verbal, graphic, disciplinary) directed against any member, or in general, which promotes a hostile, intimidating, or offensive environment should be reported to a member of Staff.

B ) This can include, but is not limited to, conduct directed against any member because of their race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preference, age, or disability.

C ) Conduct which is found to constitute harassment can result in a warning, mute, kick, or other disciplinary action, and

D ) In exceptional circumstances, or after repeat offenses, a ban.
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